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Afsar Estate Planning


We used Karin to help restate our family trust, which we did some years ago. Karin was excellent to work with. She understood our needs, responded promptly to our questions, and made the whole process seamless. We started with an introductory phone call, completed an estate planning questionnaire, and shared our existing trust details. Karin then turned around drafts of the amended trust and associated documents for us to review. We scheduled a meeting to review the final docs and do the signatures, and we were all done.  Throughout the process, we found Karin a pleasure to work with. We appreciated her knowledge of the trust process in addressing all our concerns and questions. We would highly recommend reaching out to Karin for your estate planning needs.  Irshad & Saadia P., San Diego


Karin was very easy to work with and took into consideration everything that my wife and I needed in a revocable trust. She was personable and made the meetings less like a business (which I like). Our meeting was almost like friends getting together, but at the same time getting work done. She was definitely an expert at preparing all the documents necessary for estate planning. We did most of our exchanges through email and then met in person, which was very efficient. I would highly recommend Karin for anyone looking for an estate planner.  Sean C., San Diego


Thank you Karin for doing an excellent job in the preparation of the legal documents for the updating of my Trust.  Additionally, you knew exactly what documents were needed to prepare for my other specialized estate planning.   You were very patient and thoroughly answered all my many questions throughout the process.  Now I can feel assured that my intentions are in writing and prepared legally.  I would highly recommend Afsar Estate Planning to others.    Randee M., San Diego


Thank you so much for all your hard work on the will and the trust, as well as for the helpful ancillary information you’ve provided me. You not only produced my documents in a surprisingly short amount of time, but throughout the time we worked together, you were wonderfully patient and always willing to answer my questions and to aptly explain the intricacies of the legal estate process to me.  I’m extremely happy and satisfied with your work and with the documents you produced. This is a big load off my mind, knowing that the legal procedures are now in place for safely passing on my assets to my beneficiary. I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone I know who is thinking of drawing up a will or creating a trust. Thank you!"  Allen A., Escondido


"Like many, I had procrastinated about updating my Trust that was created over 20 years ago.  I was lucky enough to come across an Estate Planning Seminar held at the Powery Adult School which Karin hosted last Fall.  I enjoyed her presentation and down-to-earth attitude and willingness to help us understand the importance of creating/updating a Trust.  I continued to procrastinate and appreciated her diligence in following-up with me.  I'm happy to report that my Trust is now updated and I would wholeheartedly recommend Karin for your Trust and Estate needs.  She was a pleasure to work with and I greatly valued her vast knowledge and expertise.  Mary G., San Diego

"Thank you so much for providing me all the documents you promised you will send after we finalize and signed everything.  I will have to check again and try to understand and remember hopefully some of them, if I don’t I will have to give you a call in the near future.  Me and my husband can now feel relax, travel without anymore worries! With your expertise everything done very easily.  I will surely recommend Afsar Estate Planning to family and friends.  I give you a five star well done!!" Luzviminda C., Vista

"Karin prepared documents for our Family Trust in a timely and efficient manner. She explained the details of the documents and quickly made the changes we requested. After the signing, she provided information and tools for titling and documenting our assets. We would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to set up a Family Trust." Paul & Rosa F., San Diego

"We had no idea what an estate planning was all about. We felt at a complete loss when it came to all the legal terms. Karin has helped us so much for understanding the details of the estate planning. She accompanied us throughout it and made it feel easy. We will seek your help later to prepare the document for our daughter's needs. Again, we deeply appreciate your help!" Michael & Xuemei, San Diego

"Thank you so much for making the Estate Planning documents for us.  The process was easy and we were able to complete it quickly. You are very helpful and organized. We appreciate it very much. " Maryam A., San Marcos

"It was a pleasure working with you. Once again thank you very much for an amazing fast turnaround in helping me incorporate the changes on my existing estate plan to meet our travel schedule. As always, you lived up to every expectation and more and this is my third engagement with you since 2017. Excellent work and I much appreciate your diligence."  Gina H., Huntington Beach 

"I cannot express how deeply pleased and happy I am with the preparation and completion of my Living Trust and Last Will &Testament you provided.  Your expertise, efficiency, and affordability, including your patience with me has made me grateful and appreciative of your excellent services. I appreciated the fact that though it took me over a month or two to prepare these documents, you took the time to follow up with me with no pressure, making sure you were still with me.  I just had lots of things going on, that I realized I had procrastinated, which is not a good idea, never knowing what could happen and my estate if something happened to me!  I really appreciate the closing letter you provided, what an excellent education for me, summarizing the documents and providing advice that is good for me to know. It is a great addition that I can go back and refer to.  I've never seen a closing letter that an Estate Planner would take time to provide.  It was an absolute pleasure too, meeting you in person. Your professionalism and joyful attitude, made this process smooth and educational for me. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!"  Patsy O., San Diego

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Karin Schumacher.  I had the unique opportunity to attend a class on Estate Planning that she was teaching in an Adult School setting.  I was impressed by her vast knowledge on the preparation and the restatement of Trusts. What impressed me most was that she was down to earth, friendly and offered real-life solutions.  She patiently answered questions from the students in the class. I followed up with her and requested her to review our Trust that was over 25 years old and restate it.  Karin did an amazing job; she is very thorough, efficient and fast.  I have already recommended Karin to my friends and will continue to do so.  Thank you for giving us peace of mind, Karin.  Balan & Malliga T., San Diego

"When I first met Karin I was with my father at one of her seminars in Poway. I had  been pushing my father to do his will so that if anything happened.  I also needed a Power of Attorney for my mother as she was battling Alzheimer’s at the time. I called Karin and she came to my fathers home where she wrote up a Last Will & Testament and a Revocable Trust for my father and myself, best thing I ever did.  My mother passed one month later. I called her again and she came to my fathers home to help with his paperwork.  Seven months later my father passed. If it had not been for Karin, I would’ve been lost. I called her she told me exactly what I needed to do thank God her professionalism and knowledge it is above and beyond…I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Karin, you helped so much".Penny N., Poway

"Karin was extremely helpful in reviewing our Trust. Her explanations of the many parts contained within the Trust were excellent. She has great attention to detail!! Thanks Karin...Jim & Mary Ann Quigley, San Diego

"Thank you Karin...Establishing this trust, a testament and advance directives gave me a much needed peace of mind during this pandemic year! Thank you for your patience in setting up, in explaining, and helping us complete this process. Your instructions were clear and we so appreciated you walking us through different scenarios. This helped inform our decisions and provided great relief...Bruno C. & Francesca T., San Diego

Karin provides an excellent estate planning service. She is very patient to explain how a trust works and make this process very straightforward.  We have no trouble getting our plan done in a very short amount of time without any prior experience with estate planning. We really appreciate her professionalism and dedication"...Fang Zhou L. & Yishaung T., San Diego


"Karin was an absolute pleasure to work with. She assisted my wife and I in drawing up a trust for our family. She made the process easy and explained the legal jargon in laymen’s terms. She delivered draft documents 5 days ahead of schedule. She was very accommodating in arranging a time that worked for us to sign the final documents. I would recommend Karin to anyone.  Thanks again for your help!"  Louis & Marele S., San Diego

"Karin has been my estate planning attorney since 2016, when she created a Revocable Trust for me. She made the process very painless. Something that I have procrastinated for many years to accomplish. Thanks to Karin’s guidance and diligence I became better prepared for my end of life , hopefully with many years to come, and my loved ones will not have to second guess my wishes. In 2019, when my very good friend suddenly became ill and needed help to establish a trust, Karin was the first person I recommended. Karin is not only a competent, knowledgeable and thorough estate planning attorney, she is absolutely caring, empathetic and understanding of the heart wrenching situation we were in. We had to help my very sick friend establish a trust within 4 days due to illness and family complications. Karin was not only professional, patient and diligent, she pulled long hours that week to help us finalize the trust sacrificing her personal plan that weekend. We very much appreciate her dedication, willingness and kindness to undertake this case due to the complexity and very short lead time for completion.  Thank you Karin!"  Gina H. Huntington Beach

"Karin  Schumacher was referred to us my family. Thank you so much for everything!  She did an excellent job and we were extremely satisfied. Everything was meticulously completed on time and to our satisfaction. Very easy to work with and will answer all your questions. Highly recommended with a 5 out of 5 star rating from us!!!"  Harold & Rebecca D., San Diego

"Karin  Schumacher was referred to us to update our 9 year old Trusts.  Her knowledge and experience were instrumental in wading through details and legalese. The attention to detail and personal service we received only added to the great experience we had.  We would enthusiastically recommend Karin to anyone needing a Trust or Trust update."  Sue S., Escondido


"I feel better prepared if I was to suddenly become incapacitated or die. This is a source of comfort to me. Ms. Schumacher was great." Jennifer P., Escondido


"Karin Schumacher was willing to work with me relatively quickly and has delivered everything I've asked so far. " Mary A., Poway


"Karin Schumacher is the epitome of an ethical attorney who has the best interests of her clients in the forefront. Karin exhibits professionalism in analyzing a client's needs and coming up with the most economical solution to fit the client's situation.  No one may "pull the wool" over her eyes, given her sense of right and keen intellect."  Dr. Janet F. Redd, Escondido 


"I was referred to Attorney Schumacher. We contacted her because my family and I needed a Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive for my mom. Attorney Schumacher was very caring, empathetic and understanding of our needs. She made the process easy and stress free. She was always in contact during this process and answered all my questions. She made me and my family feel at ease. To make things less stress for my mom, she came to our house and completed the interview and paperwork. She provided us with hard copies and PDF copies of the documents in a USB! The fees for her service was very affordable! I recommend her to you and I am sure you will experience the same stress free process we experienced!" Lisa H., San Diego


"Afsar Estate Planning, (858) 356-2731, is the local expert and extremely professional." Lloyd M., San Diego


"Karin provided excellent service to both our family and my mom with the proper documents and advice. Best part was she met at our place and at a time of our choosing. Thanks Karin!!!"  Mike & Jennifer H., Poway


"Karin consulted with me through the senior center in Escondido and was very thorough in advising me on how to revise my existing trust.  I was uncertain as to how to leave my house as I have no children.  She very patiently waited while I filled out her organizing forms and when I came back to her much later she gave me more of her time and advice. Even though it meant that she never created my new trust, after understanding my situation better she brought out the option of a reverse mortgage.  She gave me three names of brokers and it really may be the best plan for me.  Never did I feel pressured by Karin to do my trust.  Instead I got the genuine impression that she was just looking for the best solutions for me.  When the time is better she would be the only one I will go to for finishing my estate plans." Dawn N., Escondido


"Karin helped walk us through the estate planning process efficiently.  After answering multiple questions via email and phone, she came to our house for the final signing. I definitely recommend Karin for her expert, efficient, professional, and friendly service."  Anita & William T., Point Loma

"Due to Karin's expertise, she was able to take a very complicated process and explain it in such a manner that a couple with very little knowledge of Estates were able to follow along and understand the process. Her patience seemed unending as we asked her to explain what seem to be the same situation over and over. To us, Karin is a true treasure. One that we will utilize in the future as need arises. Thank you Karin for all of your hard work."  Jerry & Donna R., Escondido

"Thank you again for everything!  I needed to write a new Will and Trust as well as the Health Care Directive and Financial POA.  It was hard for me to get clear on what to do but Karin’s suggestions and guidance led me to choosing to unfund the Trust completely, and write a new Will along with the other two forms.  Having been the executor of my mother’s estate and creating my own Trust and Will several years ago, plus over 30 years' experience as a Loan Processor and licensed Realtor, I was confident in Karin’s knowledge about the forms and current laws. Karin was always prompt in returning phone calls and emails, came to my house to sign the documents, and did research on a particular form that was less than clear as to how and what to fill out. I have and will continue to refer Karin to others." Christina B., Oceanside, CA

"We are so thankful to have our wills, trust and other documents created by Karin and her firm. She is knowledgeable, timely, and affordable and makes the whole process easy and stress-free. We loved that she came to our house, and we did not need to travel. We are recommending her to our friends, too."  Matt & Sara Bradley, Rancho Del Sur​  

"I met Karin at a senior seminar in Escondido.  My trust documents were out of date, and I asked Mrs. Schumacher to amend them. She came to my home and explained that the documents would need to be restated.   The restated documents she prepared were clean, concise, and easy to read and understand.  Her turn around time was short.  The documents were signed in the comfort of my home. In addition to the original documents, she scanned the signed documents and provided them to me in PDF format so I could send them to my children. I am very, very pleased with my restated trust documents and highly recommend Ms. Schumacher. "  Karen K., Poway


"I was not looking forward to all this legal stuff, but Karin Schumacher walked us through it so smoothly that it was over before I could get worked up.  Her explanations were clear and to the point.  They were delivered in a way that said, "I care".  We felt a great weight off our shoulders walking out the door with a folder containing all our retirement issues, complete in one package!  I wish we had done it sooner!  Thank you so much, Karin!!"  Jan & Rosemary G., Fallbrook


"We are proud to say that Karin has been an excellent attorney helping us to arrange our Marital Trust Package.  I met Karin when she taught a class in Poway.  After that, I contacted her and she was prompt and efficient.  We had a problem with the bank, and the Special Needs Trust and Karin got the problem fixed right away. Karin is so personable; we enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her more during the pre-planning conference.  Thanks, Karin for your professional service."  Andy & Marylou B., Escondido

"Karin was a knowledgeable and friendly estate planner.  I went into this process feeling overwhelmed and scared, yet Karin calmed my nerves and provided me with the knowledge I needed to finish the process without the dubious feelings I had.  She sent me an easy worksheet for me to fill out and start the process, followed by a phone interview.  Finally, she conveniently came to my home to complete the paperwork and get the signatures she needed.  I was put at ease with her friendly demeanor and her informed background, and I was able to finish the process without being overwhelmed and scared."​  Evelyn K., Cardiff by the Sea

"This is Julie H. on behalf of my mom, Julia N. We want to thank Karin for all her help with the organization and completion of my Mother's Estate plans. It is a great comfort knowing everything is in order and will be carried out as she would like. Now…about those Hamilton tickets!!!  Thank you again." Julie H., San Diego

"Both my husband and myself were very impressed by the professional, attentive and most thorough job that was done by Attorney Karin Schumacher in writing our Family Trust this June 2017.  She carefully listened to all our concerns and desires so as to craft the Trust to reflect all our needs. If one of us did not fully understand a clause or word, Attorney Schumacher patiently explained it.  We would, without hesitation, refer her to our friends, colleagues and clients."  Deanna & Bradley Kaskin, Escondido

"I wanted to offer my gratitude for your working with my parents-in-law on their estate plan. As a CPA I am well aware of the need to do proper estate planning, even on small estates. Under your guidance my wife, her brother and their parents have had conversations about financial issues that are sometimes difficult to discuss within a family. Now everyone is aware of each other’s thoughts and feelings about finances, funeral arrangements and end of life decisions to be made. In addition to saving probate fees upon death my in-laws have prepared their healthcare directives in case of severe illness. Again thank you for handling such a delicate matter with such professionalism, it is really a blessing for the rest of the family to know what to do when the time comes." Rob & Liz C., San Luis Obispo 

"We would like to express our sincere recommendation to anyone seeking Estate Planning with a Will or Trust to protect their family and have peace of mind. We were cared for and advised with complete professionalism beyond the highest form.  From the very start to the end, every aspect of the process was explained in detail until we felt comfortable with a sense of understanding.  We thank Ms. Schumacher & Afsar Estate Planning for that. It's a pleasure to now know that we have taken care of our family as best we could and made it easier for them when we are gone. Thanks so much!!"  Maureen & Jess Leal, Sacramento

"Great job.  She had us do a pre-planning questionnaire before doing the draft documents that we had a chance to review before meeting with her. She came to our home to finalize everything, which made everything super easy. She has lots of experience and we were very pleased with her service and expertise." Cynthia & Lloyd S., Escondido

"My wife and I attended a class Karin Schumacher was teaching at a local senior center; we were so impressed with her knowledge and presentation that we later contacted her regarding our setting up a will and trust.  We had procrastinated for a long time, but are so glad that we finally got this important matter taken care of; and that we chose Karin with Afsar Estate Planning to help us with this.  Karin walked us through the process, from start to finish, answering all questions thoroughly and in a way we could easily understand. She came to our home to present and sign the final documents, and make sure that all of our questions were answered.  The price for our documents was reasonable and affordable. Clearly, Karin is an attorney of impeccable integrity and qualifications, and we would not hesitate to recommend her estate planning services to others."  Jeffrey A., Escondido

"Karin provides you with so much information when you are looking to create your will/trust. She does not force anything upon you and gives you all the options for you to make the decisions on your own. She is such a well-equipped, intelligent, and personable Estate Planning Attorney. She always explains everything very thoroughly and never makes you feel inadequate."  Christina M., Los Angeles

"My husband and I had Karin from Afsar Estate Planning draw up our will and trust. We didn't know anything about the process and she explained everything in layman's terms. There were no problems, only solutions! She came to our home for meetings and answered every question we had to our satisfaction. We highly recommend her services and very fair prices!"  Lauren & Mike C., San Diego

"Karin is a great Estate Attorney. She listens to what you want, gives other possible options, in the end you, the client, make the decision. She handled the rewrite of my documents without any hesitation, did it quickly, and we got it finished faster than I expected. I had dreaded the whole process, kept putting it off until I started talking to Karin."  May J. C., San Diego 


"Courteous, good information, knowledgeable, clearly explained issues."  Poway

"Advice was very helpful, efficient and appreciated.  Thank you!! I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  Fallbrook


"Very helpful, Thank you! Attorney was courteous."  San Marcos 


"Honest, Knowledgeable, Personable, Helpful.  Thank you!"  R.J.H., Encinitas

"Great service, very helpful.  I truly appreciated Ms. Schumacher's expertise." Ramona

"Karin Schumacher is a tremendous asset to the Senior Community.  She is knowledgeable and courteous. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  San Marcos

"Very good service, kind attorney, the best."  Claudia M., Encinitas

"Thank you for being here for us.  I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  San Marcos

"Very happy with attorney, Karin Schumacher.  She explained everything to me clearly."  Poway

"Wow, you already DO so much, I don't know how you could do any more.  A big thank you Karin for all your expertise and help."  Ramona

"Karin was very caring even when she had to give me the "hard facts" of my situation."  San Marcos

"Mrs. Schumacher was very helpful and understanding, courteous and very professional."  San Marcos

"I am very thankful for your service.  Karin made me feel less stressed about my situation and helped me to completely address it." Encinitas

"Attorney Schumacher was VERY knowledgeable, courteous and willing to complete all necessary follow up.  She was VERY helpful and I was extremely satisfied with this service."  Poway

"Ms. Schumacher showed a clear understanding of the issues I presented and offered advice I consider excellent." Poway

"We were very happy and thankful.  We appreciated her services, assistance and help in the matter." R.E., Vista

"Mrs. Schumacher has been extremely helpful, it is my second visit with her.  Karin is a very knowledgeable and efficient attorney."  Vista

"The attorney is very nice.  Her explanations are very clear.'  Vista

"A great service to Seniors in this community.  Thank you." Vista

"The lawyer was very helpful and informative."  Richard R., Carlsbad

"Attorney was great!!!  She was knowledgeable and courteous. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends." Carlsbad

"I found Karin to be very helpful and courteous.  What a nice person."  Vista

"Excellent service.  Thank you very much."  T.F., Carlsbad

"I am glad I spoke to Karin Schumacher, the attorney,  as I was ready to file change of deeds myself.  She explained the problems that I might encounter in the future."  John M., Poway

"Service was excellent, the attorney, Karin Schumacher drafted my Will and the accompanying documents.  She was extremely knowledgeable and courteous."  San Marcos

"I received the information I needed to feel good about the completion of the Will, Advance Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney that Ms. Schumacher drafted and executed.  Thank you!"  L. P., Carlsbad

"I was very pleased with the Estate Planning services I received from Ms. Schumacher, my attorney."  Carlsbad

"I can't think of how an improvement can be made.  Karin did a very good job. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  Encinitas

"Karin Schumacher, the attorney, spent a lot of time with me, explaining everything.  I am very happy with her services.  She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me greatly."  Carlsbad

"I needed an update to my Will.  Karin was very good, knowledgeable, courteous and informative."   Poway

"I am grateful for the advice and suggestions."  San Marcos

"Ms. Schumacher, our attorney,  was VERY clear in explaining my numerous issues.  She deserves an A+ for her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and courtesy."  John S., San Marcos

"Ms. Schumacher, the attorney, was very kind and helpful to us and we appreciate her help very much!!  She explained and clearly understood our issues."  Jose & Terri, Encinitas

"We were very happy with your services.  Glad you have this help for families like us otherwise, we would be lost.  Thanks again, continue the awesome work!!!"  San Diego

"Great service!"  San Marcos

"Karin assisted with my Estate Planning needs and she expertly and efficiently had the documents drafted and executed professionally and timely.  I am very grateful for the service."  P.D., Carlsbad

"Excellent service, very clear and honest explanations of what to do.  I would have no problem referring her to my friends." Encinitas

"Very helpful. Attorney Karin Schumacher was knowledgeable, courteous and completed any follow up that was needed."  Poway

"We left with an understanding of our position and service. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  Joyce C., Poway

"Karin was extremely courteous and very helpful with our Estate Planning needs.  Thank you lots!!  She clearly explained all the issues surrounding Estate Planning."  Fallbrook


"Ms. Schumacher, the attorney, was a great help, clearly explained the issues, reviewed documents regarding the issue and prepared legal documents to assist in the matter."  Robert K., Ramona

"Karin is very informative and explains things clearly.  I would have no problem referring her to my friends."  Poway

"Attorney was very gracious, kind and knowledgeable.  Ms. Schumacher was impressive and I was very satisfied.   I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  San Marcos

"I had an Advance Health Care Directive executed with Karin Schumacher's assistance.  She clearly explained the AHCD thoroughly, answered all my questions and completed the document to my full satisfaction.  I would have no problem referring her to my friends and family for their Estate Planning needs."  Vista

"Karin was very thorough, helpful and clearly explained all the issues surrounding the Power of Attorney that she drafted and executed.  All my questions were answered and she offered the advice with expertise and compassion."  Carlsbad

"Karin was very efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  I was completely satisfied with her service and would not hesitate to refer her to my colleagues, friends and family." San Marcos

"Words cannot express how grateful I am for Karin's expert, compassionate, professional advice and service. I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  Coral S., Encinitas

"I am very satisfied with the legal assistance and will recommend Karin to others who would benefit from it."  Encinitas

"Very informative and helpful.  I would have no problem referring her to my friends."  Glen N., Poway

"I had several Estate Planning questions and issues and needed a Power of Attorney.  Karin clearly explained my issues and answered my questions, she listened to me and was very helpful."  Carlsbad

"I had a previous Estate Plan drafted that Karin reviewed.  We decided I needed a codicil which she prepared all the while giving me the information needs to make a decision, her knowledge and expertise are greatly appreciated."  Annemarie W., Encinitas

"Karin was insightful, grasped the legal issues surrounding the problem and quickly provided excellent advice and information."  Joan S., Carlsbad

"Thank you so much for making these Estate Planning documents for me.  You are very helpful and I appreciate it very much.  I would have no problem referring her to my friends."  Alma A., Fallbrook

"Karin made an otherwise tough topic understandable. She took the time to explain, made the problem and solution seem like there could be a resolution. Thank you so much for your expertise and help." Fallbrook

"Karin was very helpful in her suggestions for my Estate Planning needs.  She was very experienced and her knowledge was evident in her sound advice."  Encinitas

"Thank you, I appreciated the straight-forward candid advice and information provided."  Fallbrook

"I had some Estate Planning questions and wanted my documents reviewed.  Karin did this expertly and  confidently.  She clearly explained the surrounding issues and provided sound advice on how to proceed with my Estate Plan."   Carlsbad

"Karin listened to and understood my concerns and offered sound advice and a practical strategy on how to proceed.  I would not hesitate to refer her to my friends."  Fallbrook

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